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Types of Insomnia: Most probably Insomnia begins from the age of 18, but many of us are not able to catch it. We get to know about it after a long time. Either you are a teenager or above 40 our body and mind need 8 hours complete sleep to rest our mind and body. First, look at the types of Insomnia. There are three kinds of insomnia, which can disturb you while you are sleeping.
Transient Insomnia: The signs or you can say the reason of having when you are unable to take sleep from the last few days or weeks. The cause of having it, study or office work.
Acute Insomnia: the true meaning of it when a person is not getting enough sleep from the last 3 weeks to 6 months.
Chronic Insomnia: one of the unhealthy and dangerous Insomnia is Chronic, because you are not getting proper sleep from the last one year so basically it can develop many diseases in your body like heart attack and cancer.